15 Secrets About Kim Kardashian Revealed


The Kardashian’s can be a very secretive family. We’ve compiled a list of 15 secrets that Kim K has let slip over the years.

  1. Kim Kardashian has always said that she simply wanted to get married and have children. The Kardashian revealed that success to her, would be when she has settled down, gotten married and had children. 
  2. Kim has always wanted to be on the cover of a fashion magazine, however when starting out in the reality TV world, her publicist told her to manage her expectations. Kim K has now been on the cover of several magazines to date. 
  3. Kim rated herself a 20/10 in bed! She revealed in an interview that she is really passionate and sensitive when it comes to the bedroom. She also went on to say “If you have a connection with someone, it’s so much better.”
  4. Kim decided that she needed to stay single for 12 months. Little did she know, these would be the 12 months leading up to her becoming famous. 
  5. Once Kim had finished her 12 month relationship ban, she quickly got into a relationship with Reggie Blush. Kim was head over heels in love with Reggie, however things didn’t quite work out. 
  6. Paris taught Kim many things, one of which is to always be polite to the paparazzi, as well as fans. Kim revealed that “Paris will always stop and talk”. 
  7. Kim used to buy tabloid newspapers! Of course this was before she was famous. Kim said she would buy the newspapers to cut photos out, in order to show her hairdresser how she would like her hair. 
  8. Kim’s celebrity crush was George Clooney! He is rather handsome!
  9. Kim and Serena Williams are great friends! The pair are so close in fact, that they would email each other news articles that compared the stars bums!
  10.  The Kardashian star said that after the burglary in Paris, she is no longer into material possessions and hopes to raise her children by the same standards.
  11. Kanye didn’t like changing any of baby North’s nappies! Kim on the other hand loved doing it. 
  12. Kim caught Caitlyn dressing up in women’s clothing over ten years prior to her transition. Kim is reported as having said that she was shocked and didn’t know what it meant. 
  13. Kim liked the name “Easton West” for her second born child. However, the baby went on to be named Saint. 
  14. Kim Kardashian deletes all of her text messages! This was revealed during an interview with Ellen, when Kim couldn’t prove that the name Saint West was her idea. 
  15. For her 37th birthday, Kim wanted to rent out the supermarket. This was so she could put her children in the shopping cart and push them around while picking up her groceries. Kim went on to say that she missed just popping to the supermarket. 

How many of these secrets did you already know? 

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