Big Bother: 10 Stars Who Embarrassed Themselves On Live TV

  1. Justin Bieber made a fool of himself on Live TV during an interview, in which he was telling the audience about how he has been touring all around the world in his tour bus. The show host then went on to ask the Canadian pop star, how many continents there are on earth. Bieber didn’t respond as he didn’t know the answer!
  2. Jennifer Lawrence tripped on stage while ascending the staircase to collect her Oscar. The trip was due to her wearing a long ball gown, paired with some extremely high heels. The fall was captured on multiple cameras leaving her extremely embarrassed. 
  3. Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson had more than just an embarrassing moment on live TV. This came as Timberlake was supposed to rip off the top layer of her outfit during a performance. However Justin pulled it off with such force that it pulled her whole bra off! Leaving a topless Janet Jackson stood on stage! Awkward. 
  4. Christina Aguilera had an accident on stage which led to brown fluid dripping down the backs of her legs. The singer then went on to say that it was her tan that was running, although many don’t believe her. 
  5. Burt Reynolds, while being interviewed on a TV talk show, threw his cup of water over the other guest. This caused another glass of water to fall over in the process, leaving the poor guest soaked. 
  6. We have Justin Bieber, again! We know, we know, but Bieber has had more than just one embarrassing moment on live TV. During this embarrassing moment, Bieber threw up on stage in front of all his audience. The star said this was due to having a glass of milk the night before. Yeah, right. 
  7. Jennifer Lawrence, again. It would appear that she too has had more than just one awkward moment. A year after her first trip up during the Oscars, the star then slips and falls on the red carpet! Perhaps walking isn’t her strong point. 
  8. John Travolta also embarrassed himself during the Oscars. During the ceremony the Actor announced the performers name wrong! Not only did he pronounce it incorrectly, but it wasn’t  anywhere near close! 
  9. Actor, Mark Wahlberg has also made a fool of himself and we aren’t talking about his attempted singing career either! The actor appeared as a guest on a hit TV talk show. During the show he was very drunk and made himself look a bit of an idiot. 
  10. Last but not least we have Jennifer Garner. Garner was a guest on a talk show, however during the show she made an attempt to correct the host by saying that snuck isn’t a word. Of course the host did the only thing he could do in a situation like that, he got out his dictionary there and then. It was a very awkward moment when the word was, of course, in there.

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