Don’t Cross Carey: 7 Celebs Who Famously Feuded With Mariah


It’s not only regular people that fall out with one another, even celebs can get into clashes! Here’s a list of 7 celebs who famously came head to head with Mariah. 

  1. During an interview, Mariah was asked what she thought about Jennifer Lopez. Her response was plain and simple, “I don’t know her”. While there is thought to be a feud between the two, Lopez confirmed during a separate interview at a later date that the two have in fact never even met.
  2. Miley Cyrus revealed to elle magazine that she isn’t a fan of Carey’s music. Miley then went on to say that “Mariah makes it all about Mariah” and that her routine is all simply an act put on and that Cyrus can see straight through it. These are some very bold statements! Miley then continued to say that her music is about her experiences rather than all about herself. To finish Miley said that Carey’s image out shines her work and that is what makes them two completely different artists. 
  3. Tommy Mottola and Mariah were married back in 1993, splitting four years later. After Carey’s NYE performance Mottola went on to say “her performance flop could’ve happened to anybody. She should’ve taken a step back to think about what her next move should be.” Harsh words from a bitter ex some may say. 
  4. Mel B also watched the NYE performance in question. Mel said that the whole performance wasn’t up to scratch with Carey lip syncing throughout the set. She went on to say that she was in shock that Mariah didn’t handle the situation more professionally, instead she let the situation get to her. 
  5. Madonna was quoted saying that “she would rather commit suicide than be her”. She then continued on by saying that “She doesn’t like it when Americans move to Europe and then suddenly get an accent.”
  6. Nick Cannon and Mariah were previously in a relationship up until 2016. The pair tried to keep the divorce away from the media. However Cannon couldn’t help but tell the press that Carey’s reality TV show seemed to be a set-up. He was quoted as saying “it all looks fake”. He finished by saying that he will always have love for her and “never will stop loving her”. 
  7. Last but not least we have Christina Aguilera. The singer revealed in an interview that during a party the pair were attending, Mariah Carey had a few too many drinks and began saying some horrible things to her. She went on to say that she thought the singer may have been having a mental breakdown at the time and may have even been on heavy medication. However Christina has been known to say some mean things about other performers in the past, so perhaps her comments may have been out of jealousy toward Mariah. 

What do you think, facts or just celebrity drama? 

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