Rags To Riches: Celebs Who Came From Humble Beginnings


It’s easy to forget that many celebs started off just like you and I! We’ve compiled a short list of celebrities that have gone from rags to riches. Hopefully this article will motivate you and encourage you to reach your full potential, no matter where it is you want to be in life.

First up we have Cardi B. As many people know, Cardi started off living in the Bronx and stripping to make money. It wasn’t until she began making music and dropped her first mix tape that things really began to take a turn in the right direction for Cardi. However, don’t be fooled. Cardi has revealed in interviews that although she now has complete financial freedom and is able to help her family out, she isn’t as happy now as she was back then. It just goes to show that money really can’t buy happiness. 

Actress Leighton Meester, best known for playing Blair Waldorf in the hit TV series ‘Gossip Girl’, was born whilst her mother was actually serving a prison sentence. The star was raised by her grandmother, before moving to New York with her newly released mother in order to start a new life. 

Jim Carrey was from a middle class family, however once his father lost his job as an accountant, the family hit hard times. Along with the rest of the family, Jim Carrey had to move into a camper van and work long shifts while still in school, in order to help support his family. The actor is worth approximately $150 million today. It goes to show that no matter how bad things are, they can always be turned around. 

Leonardo Dicaprio grew up in a household in which drugs and prostitution were common themes. However this did not stop Dicaprio from following his dreams of becoming an actor that is recognised worldwide. To date Leonardo Dicaprio has a net worth of approximately $245 million. 

J.K Rowling is worth approximately $1 billion, however life wasn’t always so easy. Rowling was a single mother living on unemployment benefits when the first Harry Potter book was written. She would spend her spare time writing the novel, usually in a café, with her young daughter sat beside her. J.K Rowling’s agent has originally told her that she would never make any money writing books, we’re sure she is eating her words now. 

Eminem is known world wide for his rapping career. However the musician has made no secret of how tough life was for him when he was younger. The star was raised by his mother Deborah as his father wasn’t on the scene. His mother was unemployed for the majority of his childhood, however she inspired his music. Eminem featured a picture of his childhood home on the cover of his third album, which looked rather decrepit. The rapper is worth a whopping $210 million now, so it just goes to show that brilliant things can come from humble beginnings. 

What is your favourite rags to riches story? 

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