Rule Britannia: 10 British Stars Who Managed To Break America


Many of us want nothing more than to make it in America. This is no different for British stars either! So which British celebs have managed to get their names heard in America? We’ve got a list of 10 stars that have taken America by storm, weather that be for the right or wrong reasons!

  1. Up first we’ve got Gordon Ramsay! The celebrity chef took America by storm when his Kitchen Nightmares made it to the states. His insults and shouting at kitchen staff within his TV shows have made him even more famous in America, leading him to be parodied by many. 
  1. Cat Stevens was on board a flight from London to Washington when officials diverted the flight and Stevens was forced to leave the flight. This was due to Stevens being suspected of Terrorism after converting to Islam in prior years. His travel ban has since been lifted. 
  1. Russell Brand appeared on American morning TV show, ‘Morning Joe’, to promote his tour. During the show he made inappropriate comments about the anchors low cut dress, as well as shouting at members of the crew and was all round a pain in the bum to have on the show. 
  1. KSI, pro boxer come Youtube star made chaos in America when he went head to head against Logan Paul in a boxing match held in the states. KSI won the fight and then went on to say that he could also beat Canadian singer Justin Bieber! Bieber didn’t take him up on the offer.
  1. Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes Awards, causing chaos in America after offending many of the audience with his dark humour. 
  1. Piers Morgan made it to America to ruffle some feathers over there too. The star caused so much controversy on his show, that meant his show was taken off-air. That didn’t last long.
  1. Ozzy Osbourne took it a step too far when he relieved himself on a monument in Texas. The monument in question was to honour the dead. Of course this went down like a lead balloon with American’s, causing a massive stir. 
  1. The Rolling Stones arrived in America in the 1960’s to perform. The star’s hired members of a well known biker gang to act as security for the music event. Of course this wasn’t one of the bands best ideas and lead to the fatal stabbing of a member of the crowd. 
  1. The Beatles took the US by storm! The British band were greeted in the states by swarms of fans causing absolute chaos. 
  1. Hugh Grant, the 1990’s star was caught in a rather compromising moment with a prostitute in America. The star was fined, as well as forced to attend an Aids education program. The star went on to make a very awkward apology on ‘The Tonight Show’. Grant does look rather dashing in his mugshot!

Has your favourite British star made it to America yet?

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