The Diet Secrets Of The Rich And Famous


There has got to be some amazing secret involved in looking so good, right? Many celebs put it down to a healthy diet and lifestyle. What does the diet for the rich and famous actually look like I hear you asking? Well ponder no more, we’ve got all the answers for you right here. 

Kate Hudson puts her speedy post pregnancy weight loss down to a higher protein diet. The star went on to say that not only did she up her protein intake, she also tried to eat smaller portions. As well as fixing up her diet, she underwent a strict workout regime. Not only did she drop all of her pregnancy weight in time to start filming her next movie, she also gained amazing abs in the process! 

Jennifer Aniston has appeared on a large number of magazine covers over the years. This is due to her amazing body! Jennifer follows the 40 30 30 diet method. This means that she eats 40% low glycaemic carbs, meaning beans, fruits and vegetables. 30% lean proteins such as chicken, beef, fish and some low dairy products. 30% essential fats, this would include olive oil, nuts and seeds. This is the diet that works best for Jennifer, however it is important to remember that everyone’s bodies and nutritional needs are different. 

Madonna has always shown off her perfect figure, but how does she maintain it? She has revealed that she stays in shape by taking part in yoga and also follows a rather strict diet that doesn’t include any kind of junk food at all. Madonna prefers to eat a macrobiotic diet consisting of organic foods and lean protein. 

Supermodel Christie Brinkley keeps her body in check by only eating vegetarian foods. That’s right, no meat at all! As well as being a vegetarian, the model also prides herself on not keeping any kind of junk food within her home. This is to ensure that when she has a craving to eat junk, there is simply none in her cupboards for her to reach for. Her snacks of choice are sweet potatoes, however if she needs to drop a few pounds quickly then the model will use a liquid juice diet to help shift the weight. 

Claudia Schiffer, also a supermodel, has revealed that she prefers to eat salad and steamed veg for dinner. However the model will only snack on fruit before the afternoon. She offered no reason behind this, but it seems to be a fairly important step in her eating habits. Her drinks of choice include tomato juice and herbal tea. 

It is important to remember that every body is different, therefore no one diet will work for everyone.

So if you’re scrolling through this article while trying to decide what to order from Deliveroo for dinner, then take this as a sign. Put the junk food down! Instead drink some tomato juice and practice your supermodel walk as you’ll be one in no time at all!

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